Friday, 16 May 2014

Five Photo Friday

Just dipping my toe into the waters of Blogland once more.
I haven't forgotten you all but sometimes life has a funny way of overwhelming you doesn't it.
Anyway I'm beginning to feel ready to catch up and share my life once more.
A little glimpse of what we've been up to recently.

I'm not promising, but hopefully I'll be able to visit again and tell you all about some of the exciting things we've been up to, very soon.

Meanwhile hope you enjoyed these photos,
Take care

Monday, 9 December 2013


Today I'm counting my blessings.
Look at this lovely bunch, they're mine, gorgeous aren't they!
We have from the right, Jacob, Adam, Heather, Oliver and Ali.
Beautiful amazing young people each and everyone of them.
On Saturday they came and gave me a lovely surprise party.
Heather arrived from Manchester and Jacob eventually from Nottingham, just for me.
Just to say Happy Birthday Mum!

All this wonderfulness was organised by my incredible 
Lovely Man!

So I'm feeling very loved and blessed today.
My home is full of flowers and love.
What could be better!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Five Photo Friday

Memories of Summer
Hasn't it been dark this week, get up, dark. Leave work, dark!
So to cheer us all up I thought I'd post some lovely sunny photos from our holiday in Northumberland.

Ah that's better
Sunshine and blue skies.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

New Skirt!

Have you ever owned a piece of clothing that you actually ADORE.
Yes thought so.
 And have you ever had to go through the trauma of it wearing out and having to say goodbye to said garment?
Yes thought so.
Well that happens to me alot. I find something I love (no easy task) then wear it literally to death.
Then I spend ages moping around saying things like "I really loved that skirt" and "I'm never going to find a better one" and "I'm so saaaad"
This is what has happened to my best ever skirt.
Gorgeous isn't it, such a pretty pattern, goes with everything.

Bargain it was too in Monsoon clearance.
I have worn that skirt for EVER!

 so FOREVER it's actually fallen apart.

The fabric is in tatters!

Then last week I was browsing E Bay and I found a skirt.
My heart beat faster I bid.
I won!!!
I am a very happy lady.
It's in perfect condition.
Only snag, it's size 18!

But that's okay because I'm going to remake it, I can't wait.
I'm going to have my favourite skirt back!
I am so delighted.
Will it be ready for Christmas I hope so.
Better get a wiggle on then.
See you soon

Friday, 29 November 2013

Photo Friday!

Keeping the festive theme this week I though I'd share my Pinterest Christmas board.
I couldn't choose five so I just shared them all!

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Cakes!

Hi hope you enjoyed my last post.
 I had a blast writing it, it brought back all those wonderful memories of happy family times. I cherish them hugely, nothing is more important than family and they should always know how special they are. 
One of my favourite things about Christmas is being able to kick back and spend lazy days together enjoying the little things that make us happy. 
Long lunches, chilly walks, hot chocolates and pyjamas, games and late night chats putting the world to rights and dreaming dreams together. 
Lovely, can't wait.
Anyway lets talk cake shall we.
I love Christmas cake and always make mine in October half term to give it plenty of time to mature.
And I love decorating my Christmas cake. 
Deciding what artistic theme I'll be having and generally going to town on the festive design.
Here is a selection of some of them.
  The problem is with everything building up before the Big Day it often gets left to the last minute...........the very last minute. Then one year disaster struck, flu and TIME RAN OUT!!!!
Oh No!
 Everything came to a halt. 
This is where one of our favourite Christmas traditions was born.
 "Don't worry Mum" said the lovely children, "We'll decorate the cake, you'll love it!" 
And so they did, and I did! 

So here are some of my favourite creations, they are.............not ummmm............traditional! 
It's not the first time they've been on these pages but they make me laugh so much I just needed to share them again.
But I think you'll agree they have their own charm LOL!

So now we don't worry about RUNNING OUT OF TIME or FLU or anything, the in house artists have got it covered. Who knows what we'll get this year. 
We wait with bated breath.
Hope you have enjoyed my little snapshot of Christmas here in Baffins.
I'm off to feed my cake.
See you soon

Monday, 25 November 2013


I blame divorce!
Christmas changes forever when you get divorced.
It's never the same, there's all that who has the children on the 'Big Day' how will they get there, what if they don't want to go..............all of it not nice really............for anyone.
This was graphically demonstrated to me when my gang were still quite small. There I was enthusiasticly describing what we'd be doing on our Christmas (Boxing) day after they'd spent the first half of the holidays with their dad. Turkey dinner, crackers, flaming pudding the full works you know the score. When one of them piped up. "Really do we have to, that'll be the fourth Christmas dinner we've had!" 
Ahhhhh a penny dropped moment. 
You see divorce means the children are paraded from one set of parents to grandparents to step grandparents, step parents, the list is endless and for them slightly tedious, imagine all those sprouts!
That year we had curry.
And I had a think.
We came up with a new way to spend Christmas.
It started with the Christmas BBQ
And because we have mostly boys................
Brilliant and the added bonus of tiring them out!
They loved it, presents took a back seat, all that indoor time was exploded out of them and if I say so myself we made the woods look very festive in our hats!
The following year.
Same hats more people.
And a game of's muddy and involves hiding up trees and under bushes.......s'all you need to know really.
And the infamous Wedgie Wall!

The following year the pace changed a bit, well alot really, we're just too old and those boys are too big to tackle anymore LOL!
So Christmas is now themed.
Again a genius way of avoiding any stress and angst. 
To date we've had.
And this year
(Any definition you wish)
Everyone participates, it's hugely entertaining and actually less stressful!
We have had some stunning gifts in all categories, have a look at these.
Handmade blanket.

Tie and tankard courtesy Oxfam
Mmmm delicious honeycomb and chocolate truffles.

I think you can safely say we have created a tradition in our family and I love it. 

Wonder what this year will bring?
I'm looking forward to it enormously.The best part is not having to go near any heaving shops or get involved in any of that craziness, but just enjoy being together and cherishing each other.
Now that's a proper Christmas.
How do you cope with the festive season do you opt in or opt out? 
I'd love to hear about your own Christmas tradition.

Come back soon I'll be talking Christmas cake decorating..........
.............yeah it's not conventional!
Thanks for visiting my little world.
See you soon